10 Days of Halloween Centers for First Grade: Day 10 – Halloween Candy Addition Math Mats


      Well, it’s here. This is my final post in my series on Halloween Centers for First Grade. 

      The one I’m featuring today is similar to the one I posted last week, the Candy Corn Addition Mats. My first graders love this one, too.  It’s colorful, simple and it gives them the practice they need adding with counters.  

     I have many more Halloween centers. In fact, I have well over 100 centers in all different skill areas and I created most of them myself. They do take time to create, and they also take time in copying, laminating, cutting and demonstrating with the kids on how to use them.  

     I think they’re totally worth it. It’s such a great feeling when you hear kids cheer when you tell them it’s center time. It gives them the practice with skills they are learning and gives them the opportunity to be independent.  That builds confidence.  It also gives you the time you need to spend with students who require more attention.

I can have 18 to 20 centers going at one time.  One day, I’ll share how I do that. For now, I’ll show you this one.

     It comes with 12 addition mats and lots of different colored candy counters. Yum! 

     Students simply place the candy counters on the two Halloween Trick or Treat “containers”. 

     You can also use real, wrapped candy for counters as well.

     The students use a recording sheet to write the sums and check their answers with the answer key. 


       To keep all the candy counters separate and organized, I place them in these mini plastic tubs I found at Dollar Tree.  You’d be surprised, but the kids are very careful in putting them back in the little tubs.  I don’t even tell them to do it.

      I saved this one for last, because I think it’s so darn cute and so reminiscent of my childhood during Halloween – memories of trick or treating and getting tons of candy!

     Well, that’s it.  Maybe next year I’ll show you ten more. Happy Halloween!!

     Thank you so much for visiting.

     Have fun teaching!!!

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