Bring back the FUN for your first-grade students.

Time-saving teaching resources to make learning EASY and ENGAGING for all.
(You’re happy. Your kids are happy. All is right in the world!)

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Beware the bored student…

You’re mid-lesson when the mayhem begins: One of your students is bored, starting to act out, and actively looking for accomplices.

Next thing you know, your peaceful classroom has turned to chaos, and you silently pray your principal doesn’t choose THIS very second to pop by for an impromptu check-in. If only you had a better way to keep your kids’ attention.​

There’s no issue with your teaching style. 

You just don’t have the most engaging resources to work with. 

If you were 6 again, you’d probably nod off too. (There, I said it!)

Where there’s fun, there’s focus.

When you use interactive and engaging resources, your first graders are too busy having fun to even think about zoning out or creating a mini mutiny. The atmosphere stays calm and orderly as your young learners dive into the activity. 

At the end of the day, you kick your feet up knowing you truly made a difference. 

And when your principal stops by, no panic attack is necessary. In fact, your room becomes the model classroom in the eyes of your administrators.

Designed, tested, and proven to engage

...because it’s a tall task to teach first graders.

Transform learning into a playful activity with colorful, tactile, and hands-on resources that have your students racing to their desks. (If not racing, at least happily walking.)  

Hi friend, I’m Mary.

I’m a former elementary educator who spent almost 30 years teaching in the classroom. Don’t ask me how those first few years went. There were tears. (LOTS of tears.) There were chairs thrown at me – but luckily, they missed. (Don’t ask). There were 36 first graders in ONE classroom. (Yes, 36!)

Not only did I live to tell about it all, but I learned how to be the firm, friendly, and fair teacher my kids needed. I also poured my heart and soul into creating engaging lessons that would delight my students and set them up for success. 

Now that I’m retired, I can’t shake my passion for helping teachers and kids come out on top. I’ve been where you are, and I know how hard your job is. Let me help make it easier, more fun, and extra rewarding!

This could be YOU:

50 tips for the taking.

Don’t click off this page before grabbing my FREE guide, 50 Tips for Improving Your First Grade Center Time For Math or Literacy.

Whether you’re new to teaching, new to first grade, or simply want to become a Learning Center Rockstar (it’s a real thing!), this guide will show you how it’s done. Get ready to create center time that’s calm, productive, and engaging for your little learners.  

If you could use a little more EASY in your life, your GPS has steered you to the right destination.

Find simple to use resources that will save you time and stress when running literacy centers, math centers, and so much more.
But don’t just use them because they’re easy.
Use them because they’ll bring back the fun and remind you why you’ve always loved teaching.